😍 Is Your Puppy Cuter Than Other Puppies? 🐶

Although it’s true that puppies are generally cute, did you know that there’s a certain age when puppies are at their cutest? Find out more!

– A study was conducted to help determine what age puppies are cutest.
– Random human was shown pictures to choose from and rate from cutest to least.
– The study’s main aim was to determine the optimal age when a puppy is at their cutest appearance in general.

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Fifty-one random participants were asked to rank different puppy pictures, to determine what puppy age holds the cutest in the eyes of the human beholder.

How lucky the participants must be of this research!

Well, lucky or not, these participants must have had a difficult time choosing which one is better than the other because obviously, they ALL look cute for all of us!

The aim of the study was to determine and inform owners what age puppies look their cutest the most, and it was definitely a successful study because now they have a concrete finding and analysis of the results.

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Read Rachael Rettner’s full article here – https://www.scientificamerican.com.

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