Dog Mistakenly Flies To Japan Instead Of Kansas???

How would you react if you were supposed to fetch your dog at the airport, only to find out that there was a mix-up?


– A family in Kansas got the surprise of their life when they were at the airport to fetch their dog.
– Instead of being greeted by their 10-year-old German Shepherd, they were met by a great Dane.
– The mix up was such a huge deal considering that the involved cities are continents apart!


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The Swindle family were moving from Oregon to Wichita, Kansas. They decided to avail of United Airlines’ pet cargo program and shipped their 10-year-old German Shepherd, which they planned to meet at the airport.

During the scheduled arrival, the family was in for a huge surprise when they were handed a great Dane instead of Irgo, their German Shepherd family dog.

The mix up was then discovered, so apparently, the dog in front of them was supposed to be bound for Japan, and their Irgo was instead sent to Japan instead. Continents apart, this has caused such a huge issue with the Swindle family.


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