A Cafe That Lets You Play With Siberian Huskies?

husky plays

For a dog lover, this café in Bangkok, Thailand is certainly heaven on earth. You get to play with a pack of 23 gorgeous Siberia Huskies and enjoy good food. When you visit the café, you are allowed to order a slice of cake or a drink from the menu and wait for the dogs. Guests are requested to wash their hands and put on plastic booties to prevent exposing the dogs to foreign bacteria.

After a few minutes, a pack of lovable Huskies runs towards you and the fun begins. Once they are in the playground, you are allowed to play with them and pat them as much as you like. They will also pose with you professionally for photographs that you will cherish throughout your life. People who have been there said they have never experienced anything like that in their life before. The owners of the café take good care of the dogs. During their interaction with visitors, all care is taken to keep the Huskies cool.

The fans are turned on full blast and the guests are allowed to offer ice cubes to keep the Huskies cool and hydrated. When they are not in the playground, the Huskies chill out in the air-conditioned building. Don’t forget to stop by the café to greet the adorable Huskies on your next visit to Bangkok!

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