The Worst Thing That Can Happen To Your Dog In An Airport!

We all make mistakes, right? But this one mistake of an airline employee turned into a “dog’s worst nightmare”!

– A Lufthansa employee made a seemingly simple mistake with the legal documents.
– The customs paperwork for the said dog was mixed up.
– As a result, the dog was stranded in the airport for two days due to detention.

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A dog was forced to stay inside the airport premise, in detention, after a Lufthansa employee handed the dog’s legal documents to a wrong person.

The dog’s US Customs and Border Protection paperwork was supposed to be the accompanying document to clear the dog and allow it to be taken home by its owner, but because the document was missing, the dog HAD to be detained inside the airport.

The simple mistake had a terrible result, as the dog was detained for two days in the airport, instead of going home to its new owner.

The airport employee at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport asked for sincere apology due to the mix up that cause the detention of the dog.

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