Over the many years, pets have definitely evolved from being the tiny furry distractions running around in homes to a very important part of many families.


Pets are now treated with almost the same care, love and respect as human beings with their own meal plans, beds and even exercise plans. This could make you curious about the amount of people worldwide who actually own pets. We guarantee that the numbers will definitely shock you.


Well, one fact that is definitely not a surprise is that the Dog who is man’s best friend, is the most loved pet in worldwide households; I mean duh! However, did you know that birds and fish came ranking second? We bet you thought it would be cats.


Did you also know that most Brazilians love smaller dogs while the Saudi Arabians are more inclined to the bigger dog breeds?


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Worldwide, the US holds the highest numbers of dog in homes with a whopping 90 million homes, while China comes next with about 27,400,000 households.


For cats, the US also tops the charts with 74 million households and china also follows with 53 million households.


For households that keep birds and fishes as pets, Brazil leads with 191 million households for birds while the US leads with 53 million households for fish.


Did you find these numbers surprising? Do you have any interesting worldwide pet statistic you might want to share? Please do


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