Woman Goes On A Holiday And Rescues Two Dogs!

When you rescue dogs, the memories become a part of your life. This is the story of a woman who found not one but two dogs on a beach where she went on vacation. There was something about the dogs that helped her bond with them instantly. She named them Rumba and Papi. The woman realized that the dogs had a tough life on the island, as there was nothing to eat.

They were alone and left to fend for themselves. She soon made up her mind that she was going to take the dogs home with her. However, it was not going to be easy. She contacted a friend who runs a shelter and she said that she would help her bring them home. The woman flew back to New York after her vacation was over and soon arrangements were made for the dogs to come home too.

They couple already had two Border Collies but that did not stop them from adopting Rumba. Papi was also adopted after a few days of arriving in New York. Rumba got along really well with the Border Collies, and now they make a complete family picture. When they have day outs on the beach, other dogs run around like crazy but Rumba just sits there feeling the sun.

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