😢💔 Did This Woman Kill Her Dog By Kicking It The Head?

What could have prompted this woman to kick her dog in the head so hard that it started to have seizures?

-A woman brought her Pomeranian dog into the hospital with severe brain trauma.
-Staff members reported the possible abuse and investigators responded to the call.
-The woman admitted to officers that she kicked the dog in the head earlier that day because she got upset.

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When Aungelique Smith came into Memphis Pet Emergency Hospital holding a dog that was actively having seizures on August 19, the staff decided to call authorities. Office took Smith into custody and questioned her at the Raines police station.

It turns out, the woman saw her Pomeranian pee in the hallway and she got so upset that she kicked her dog so hard in the head and caused the dog to hit its head on the wall. The dog obtained substantial trauma and lacerations on its head.

Eventually the dog had to be euthanized because of the extent of the damage to her brain. Smith faced charges for aggravated cruelty and was sent to jail.

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