Woman Flies From Belgium To Iran To Rescue A Dog

How far can your love for dogs take you? Well, this woman has proved that it can take you miles if you have the determination. When this woman from Belgium saw the pictures of a poor pug rescued from the puppy mill, she was all in tears. The pug was in a terrible state and it was evident that he would be put to sleep if no one stepped forward to help.

She decided to adopt the dog and flew from Belgium to Iran just for Toby. After he was in the forever home, she took him to the vet who told her that there were many challenges to keep him alive. Apparently, the dog had several skin issues and breathing problems too. The vet gave her two choice – put the dog to sleep or go for surgery in another city. The woman straight away jumped for the surgery and in a few days, Toby was a totally different dog.

He drew back his fur and became healthier than before. He has also discovered a new passion and that is balloons. Toby now enjoys the good life and he has also made friends. He has one particular best buddy, another rescue pug who helps him come out of the shell and be a dog!

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