Did Wild Dogs In The Past Eat Fresh Bones? 😮

Did wild dogs in the past eat bones?

What were dogs in the past like?

-Previous studies of wild dogs in the past suggest they had the ability to pulverize bones using their jaw.
-The studies were inconclusive but the evidence from fossils strongly suggested the idea.
-Their theories were validated upon the discovery of a hidden collection of fossilized poop.

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You just can’t get between a dog and his bone. Today’s domestic dogs love bones as much as its ancestors.

Scientists have long been studying the fossilized remains of the Borophagus parvus. It’s a species of wild gods that lived sometime between 2-16 million years ago that was about the size of a wolf.

Clues in their findings suggested ancient dogs had more powerful jaws compared to their modern-day counterparts. So powerful were their jawbones and skull that they probably had the ability to crush bones and reduce it to fine particles, a trait that they shared with the spotted hyenas (Crocu a crocuta).

However, these remained largely unproven until the recent discovery of a set of coprolites (fossilized feces). The findings not only clarified some ideas on the eating habits and diet of these species but also their way of living.

Read more about this fascinating discovery here: https://www.livescience.com.

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