Why Hire A Pro With Gun Dog Training?

Does waterfowl and upland bird hunters who owns a dog hunting companion need a professional trainer? Is gun dog training necessary? According to Robert G. Wehle’s book, Wing and Shot, training is simple but the difficult part is how mechanics are carried out. Dog owners might consider the services of a professional. It might be expensive, but it’s worth it for a fully functional hunting buddy. 

What are the points to consider in hiring a pro trainer ?

If you’re planning to hire a trainer, make sure that both of you are on the same page. A clear understanding of each plans and goals should be accomplished. Find a trainer with a legit and positive record in training your dog’s breed. It is best to hire a pro that is located near your home. 

It goes without saying that the pro should have a proven track record working with your breed of dog and producing the specific result(s) you have in mind. Every pro worth his salt will gladly provide references, but in point of fact you should thoroughly vet any pro you’re considering before you talk to him or visit his kennels (which should be clean and secure if not necessarily fancy).

The best testimonial of all, of course, is an impressive dog the pro has worked with; failing that, you need to ask around and solicit the opinions of people in a position to know. (A good place to start is your local DU, RGS, or Pheasants Forever chapter.) If the same name keeps coming up time and again you can be pretty confident that you’ve found your …………. read more about dog training here: http://www.fieldandstream.com/