Apart from fluff, a signature trademark of dogs is their bark. Most times you may not know your neighbor has a dog unless you hear it bark. It’s what they are known for and it’s the mode of communication nature bestowed on them. So since it’s so natural, why don’t dogs bark in Norway? Well, to find the answer to this, you’ll just have to keep reading. But first let’s analyze some key dog facts in Norway.


Norway is the single highest spending country in the world with respect to dog food. Residents of this country cherish dogs so much and take them as part of their cultural heritage. They are loads of dogs which are only indigenous to Norway. One of their most cherished little friends is the Norwegian Elkhound.




This strong breed stands tall and is fierce but equally friendly at the same time. It is referred to as the Norwegian National dog. Well, it certainly has the prowess to pull that off. This breed could either be bright colored as that in the picture or completely jet black. The latter is known as the Black Norwegian Elkhound. They are both really beautiful and share the same personality and traits.



The Norwegian, Elkhound buhund, Lundehund hound and the Black Norwegian Elkhound are all breeds indigenous to Norway. Norway is a cold country, no doubt and these indigenous dogs have thick fur which regulates their body temperatures and prevents them from feeling too cold. Also, Norwegians greatly discourage pet neutering. Less than 7% of their dogs are neutered. Now that you know how Norwegians treat their furry four legged friends, we can move on to why these dogs do not bark.


Why don’t they bark?

dog bark


Dogs bark for a lot of reasons. For attention, food, or when they try to express themselves. This being said, if Norwegian dogs do not bark, does it mean they do not feel the need to express themselves at all? Or maybe they’re full. However, it is incorrect to say that dogs in Norway do not bark at all. Like dogs anywhere else, they most definitely bark, however it may not be as frequent or as loud as what you’re probably used to.

This may be due to the temperature synonymous with Norway or due to some other regional factors. But in essence, dogs definitely bark in Norway, just not as much as those in other countries.


There you have it, the answer you’ve been waiting for. Be sure to pet a Norwegian dog on your way from Norway, they don’t bite, but they do bark, sometimes. All you need to do is rub their furry little chins, they absolutely love that.


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