Why Does A Stray Dog Bites Rescuer ?


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Dog rescuers perhaps have one of the noblest jobs on this planet but there’s also a lot of risks involved.


Cringe Potato writes in the video comments:
My first reaction to the missing paw was ‘im gonna kill whoever did this.’


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In the video below, you can see Loreta, one of the rescuers from Hope For Paws getting bitten by a stray dog.

We can’t blame the dog either because the poor soul has suffered a lot of pain and resentment.

She perhaps does not know what is love and looks at human beings as harmful creatures who will hurt them.

Despite of all the odds and even after sustaining several bites on her hand as she tries to catch the dog, Loreta and her team come back to their LA shelter with the dog.


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Once they come back, both are sent to urgent medical care.

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