Ever been to a dog shelter? If you have, then you must’ve come back with an ear strain from all the barking. It’s like they have little meetings where the dogs are told to bark really loud, but really, why do they bark so much. It’s like they’re trying to tell visitors something or trying to appear as the most eligible to be adopted. Anyway, this piece is about exploring the possible reasons as to why shelter dogs bark so much, just so you know how to brace yourself on your next dog shelter visit. You may need ear muffs by the way, let’s get to it.


To get your attention

These dogs aren’t dumb at all, they know what’s happening. They know each time a new face walks into their home, one of them gets to go home with that person. So, one reason why dogs in shelters bark so much is to get your attention. They’re probably saying ‘Hey, look at me.’ in dog language, but all you here is ‘bark, bark, growl.’ Yep, dogs are speech impaired so there’s no way of telling what they actually mean. Nevertheless, just as an owl hoots and a lion roars, dogs bark. It’s in their nature, so when they’re caged up in a shelter home, they want to be free and a new human is their ticket to that freedom. That’s why they bark so much.


To show eligibility

A lot of potential dog parents seek dogs that are fit. One requirement of this fitness is their visual and audio capacity. In essence, based on the need for the dog, be it as security or for military purposes, most people want dogs that can bark, and not just bark, bark really loud to be heard quite easily. Hence another reason why dogs seem to bark really loud in shelter homes is because they want to come off as the best pick to these visitors and potential parents. It’s about outshining fellow dogs and going home with the human. It’s like a barking competition.


To communicate with each other

dog shelter

We cannot comprehend the language of animals and since dogs bark, why wouldn’t they bark to communicate with themselves. Dog shelters house lots of dogs with different breeds and needs. Since each breed is different from the next, you can expect each bark to be different as well. Dogs understand each other regardless of their similarities or differences, and barking is what they have in common, hence they bark to pass messages to each other.

Now that you know some of the reasons why shelter dogs bark so loud, your next visit should be more interesting as you’re now open minded. Have a good one.


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