How often do you pass by houses that keep their dogs chained? Our guess is not a lot. This is probably because of how much they bark. They bark at anything and anyone they either see or hear and this is very hostile behavior from dogs. But the question is why? Why do they display so much aggression when they are chained? Why do they howl and bark way into the night even when nothing rattles them. Just why? For a human it may be hard to understand the language of dogs but here is a simple truth. Chained dogs act differently from actual home dogs. They’re not given so much freedom, neither do they receive enough attention. So we can say that barking is their way of soliciting for the attention they’re deprived of.


Here’s why

A good number of dog owners did not buy them for the pet-owner experience. You know, the ones where they allow the dogs to snuggle up to them in bed or even let him lick their faces and live inside their homes. Nope, they most certainly didn’t want this experience. They wanted a protector, a guard, a night’s watch. As you know, guards and watch men do not actually stay inside the homes. They have a little cubicle and are there from sun up to sun down. This is what these owners wanted and they made provision for that by getting a chain.


The chain not only restricts the movement of a chained dog, it prevents them from gaining access into the homes where the love is. Hence it basically makes some of them lonely. They’re all alone outside the house, they do not get attention often and most times are unable to act around people. This is why they bark at anything they see, because it’s barking they know. Their owners pitched them outside to bark and ward off intruders, so barking is their only language of communication.


Also, these chained dogs may be barking because they so direly seek attention. They may be hungry, thirsty, bored, anxious, or sometimes in genuine danger. And how do they get their message across? You guessed it, by barking. In some cities chaining a dog is greatly discouraged. An easy way for a dog to die is by chaining it. They could want to reach either food or water and keep trying till the chain is tangled, they could suffocate, or even get bruises when it starts eating into their flesh.

Ultimately chaining a dog isn’t right and it incites hostile behavior which is why chained dogs are usually aggressive and less welcoming when compared to house dogs. Treat your dog right.


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