Why Dogs Eat Grass?

Have you seen your dog eating grass outside your house? Did it catch your attention? Perhaps, you question as why do dogs eat grass?

Do you have any idea? When you see them outside, they love playing and running around. However, this also includes eating grass.

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Do they think eating grass will make them healthy? Or do you think they believe that by doing this their injuries will be healed?

When you see them eating grass, what initial reaction you have? Do you stop them or just let them be?

Are you aware that dogs know when they are ill or not? They are like doctors. They tend to eat grass because they want to vomit. They do not feel well and their stomach aches. That’s how smart they are.

What are the other possible reasons? Learn more in the vetstreet video on next page ➡🐶📺🔥➡

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