Who Rules the Stage? These Fab Pooches, Of Course!

You can take the CAT out of CATWALK because who says dogs can’t strut the runway? Well, dogs can rule the glitz and glam of the fashion world too, you know? With their adorable faces, unique costumes and cuteness factor, haute couture is given a new twist! Wouldn’t you love to walk on the runway with your dog? Have a look at these fashion-forward dogs that are totally stealing the show!

Casting Call! But this time it’s not for humans, it’s for our fashionable four-legged friends as Fashion Week for Rochester opens auditions for their dog fashion show, “Puppy Love”. Of course, these fab pooches will be walking alongside their proud owners. It’s all for a good cause and to raise awareness, too. One dog who made the cut is an adorable English Bulldog named Buzo. Another cutie spotted at the runway is Lily, a Yorkshire Terrier dressed in her pink, frilly Sunday’s best.


“The pooches are auditioning for a dog runway show featuring accessories, with the pet being the ultimate accessory, said Meghan Mundy, Fashion Week founder, and organizer. The call follows a sold-out fashion show for dogs and their owners last year at the former Sibley’s tea room.”

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