When it comes to faithfulness and loyalty, you should know that dogs have got an infinite supply of those. It’s not like they were programmed to be faithful, it’s just in their nature. However, so many dog breeds are faithful. From German Shepherds to Golden Retrievers and even Chihuahuas, there’s really not telling which of them is the most faithful because with dogs, faithfulness is a measure that cannot necessarily be quantified. However, for the sake of this piece, we’re going to highlight a single dog breed which, in our opinion, deserves to bear this title. Here we go.



This dog breed may not have the looks of the Siberian Husky, or the charms of the Golden Retriever but it definitely has their combined loyalty and faithfulness. Akita is a Japanese originated dog breed which started its career as a hunting dog. They come in two sizes and were bred to be unconventionally attached to its pack, which could be humans by the way. They are fluffy, adorable and very faithful to their owners. The American Kennel Club, AKC describes this dog breed as being ‘Profoundly loyal to their humans’. It is a fearless breed with an accentuated trait of being affectionate and respectful. Once they are trained, they know their utter devotion is to their owner and they do not run lose or deviate from it.

Their traits

Akita traits

They are one of the most dignified dog breeds in the world and they are very courageous, hence being used as hunting dogs. You may say that a lot of dogs have tendencies to be as loyal or as faithful as the Akita, that may be true. But, it is believed and proven that Akita doesn’t just see humans as his owners, he sees them as its kin and hence they take up the mantle to be their protector, never defying, always obeying. There’s a popular story of an Akita who went on to earn the title of the world’s most loyal dog. He was named Hachiko. Hachiko was just like any other Akita. Strong, resilient, faithful and loyal. Every day, Hachiko accompanied his owner to the train station, and was there waiting when he arrived. This went on for a while and was part of Hachiko’s routine. Now, when Hachiko’s owner suddenly and unexpectedly passed on, Hachiko still continued this ritual every day. He went to the train station and awaited his owner’s arrival every single day, for the course of 10 years.

We believe faithfulness doesn’t even begin to quantify the nature of this breed. Akitas are devoted and loyal to their owners and this is a fact that goes undisputed. Hence, this is why the Akita wins the title of our most faithful dog breed.

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