When it comes to dog food comparison, it isn’t always easy to pick the best kind as each option has its pros and cons. The tricky thing is also the fact that dog food is subdivided into dry, wet, grain free and raw. as a dog owner, you can’t risk giving your furry friend bad dog food, so it is important that you know which kind is best.


Most times you buy dog food based on the fact that you see a dog on the packet, and not because you know the food type. As you know, a fed dog is a happy dog, so don’t let your favorite four legged creature stay hungry this season, or any season to come. For this purpose, we want to give you a run down on which dog food is actually best for your dog.



Just like humans, each dog is different. Some dogs may prefer dry dog food to wet, while some may still be eating puppy foods even when they’re fully grown. Also, dogs have allergies too, hence, there is no particular ‘best’ dog food. It all depends on which your dog prefers over the other, which one doesn’t affect his allergies or which is actually best for its breed.

However, we’re still going to give you a rundown on which dog food is killing it in 2019.

For puppies

Puppies are at their most sensitive stage. They should be fed based on the requirements for their breed, to prevent ailments like hip dyslexia. Examples of dog food for puppies include:

  • Taste of the wild – This is good for puppies of larger breeds and is highly recommended based on its nutrients.
  • Diamond naturals – This is perfect for smaller breed puppies. It contains 36% of protein, 24% fat and 32% carbohydrate, giving your puppies a balanced meal.
  • Whole earth – This contains a 40% protein count with fat and carbohydrate. It is also for small and medium breed puppies.


Dry dog food

Before getting this for your dog, be aware of the ingredients, coloring agents, fat-to-protein ratio and preservatives attached to it. The best ones include:

  • Annamaet Grain Free – This is highly recommended as it contains 41% carbs, 33% protein and 18% fat.
  • Taste of the wild – This has a protein percentage that’s above average and carbs percentage that’s less than average when compared with normal dry dog food.

Wet dog food

Likewise, all preservatives and ingredients need to be fully scrutinized before purchase.

  • Taste of the wild – This is 5star rated. It constitutes a fine blend of ingredients and nutrients, perfect for your dog.
  • Instinct original – This isn’t actually good for dogs of larger breeds, but it contains 48% protein, 39% fat and 6% carbs, giving your dogs the sweet nutrients they deserve.

There are still a host of other types of dog food, but do remember this: Be sure of the calcium level if you’re feeding puppies and also the preservatives added, if they’re cancerous or not. Your dog’s satisfaction and life matters too.


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