What Is the Fiercest Dog Breed?

Dogs are really great pets, but some breeds are calmer than others. A lot of us just want to play catch and snuggle up with our pets while some use them as guards or to find evidence. As you know, some breeds of dogs are used in the police force and military, because of how fierce they look also because of their fearlessness. You can’t use a pug as a police dog because it is neither fierce nor fearless. Hence, to get you right on track we’ll be highlighting some of these breeds with their various traits and you’ll get to decide which one is the fiercest to you.


However, the concept of a fierce dog is relative. While some may think a Chihuahua is fierce because its breed generally does not like strangers and hence, barks at them. Others may go for a good old Rottweiler instead. However, let’s get one thing straight, this piece isn’t just about the fiercest looking dogs. It’s about dogs that look scary, those that need a leash and those that can attack at will or by command. So let’s get to it.

This judgment is based on the size of the breed, color, build, quality of its bark and overall personality.






You can admit this breed is pretty fierce. It fears no one and is an excellent guard dog. Pitbulls are protective but can also be friendly. It’s all about how you train them. But naturally, these dogs are meant for the tough life and people often steer clear when they see pitbulls.



At over 100 pounds, this breed is definitely big and hence it’s already intimidating. Also, there’s something about black dogs that exudes this fierce persona, and the Doberman is indeed black. They are commonly used in the force and are good at scaring criminals.


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German Shepherd




When trained right, the German shepherd is one dog you don’t want to cross. They are commonly used in the military as well as the Police. Just one bark from this breed and you may just soil your pants. They are fierce, protective, territorial and can also be excellent house pets.


Canary Mastiff



This breed however not common are really fierce and do not take strangers lightly. They will bark at anything they aren’t used to and are excellent guard dogs. Coming in at over 120 pounds you can be guaranteed it will surely intimidate any future intruders you may have.


Based on this highlight, we can say the fiercest dog breed is the Doberman. They just look unapproachable and flat out intimidating. They are very protective and that’s what makes them better. Having them in your home is sure to be an intruder free zone.


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