As a dog owner and lover, have you ever thought about how many breeds of dogs there are?  Maybe you have also been curious about how different each breed looks and acts from the rest. Here we will put your curiosity to rest!


In this post, we will be showcasing some beautiful dog breeds. This is to give you a glimpse of just how beautiful some of our furry friends are.


What Exactly is a Dog Breed?


A lot of people have been breeding dogs throughout history for different purposes. In the past, dog breeding was mainly done for a specific purpose, whether for protection like the greyhound or for military purposes like the German Shepherd.


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How Can I Spot Different Breeds?

The American Kennel Club (akc.org) have a set out document containing the physical traits, temperament, and movement of each breed. This document known as the “breed standard” is available for public viewing and you don’t need akc registration to approach these data.



This basically means that depending on your preferences and needs, with the right information you would be able to figure out which breed will be perfect for you. This is to ensure you don’t end up with the wrong breed.


Globally, there are over 340 known dog breeds. However, AKC recognizes just about 190 breeds. 

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