We all know that barking is the mode of communication between dogs. So, it is quite normal to hear your dog bark and as dog owners, we have gotten quite used to it. However, there are times when a dog’s barking can be tagged excessive. This usually occurs when he is constantly barking loudly at anything and everything, thus, becoming a source of worry to you.


Dogs bark for a wide range of reasons; it could be to alert his owner to impending danger, to communicate with other dogs or just for attention. Also, dogs are really sensitive and intelligent animals. If he notices that his barking gets him cookies or other treats, he will use that as a means to get more.

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A lot of dog owners can identify the different kinds of bark by listening attentively. A dog’s bark sounds different when he wants to go outside compared to when he just wants a treat. It is not entirely possible to stop your dog from barking altogether, but there are ways by which you can reduce the frequency by which he barks via various. dog training methods.

It is also important to bear in mind that some dog breeds are widely known to be loud barkers and reducing their barking can be a lot harder.

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