What’s The World’s Smartest Puppy Misa Can Do At 31 Weeks?

The video has over 7,023,882 ( 7 Mio ) video views!! Whats so special??

Who says small dogs can’t do greater tricks? Small dogs are also smart.

Tropical Pineapples writes in the video:
Thats the cutest thing I have ever seen!!❤️💕🐶

In fact, they can entertain many people well.

Happy Video➡️ Amazing 🐶 Dog Tricks By Tobi The Cutie Maltese Puppy (Video)

Can you just imagine that these small dogs jump, roll, and do everything you ask them to do? This dog is smarter than many other dogs but she is so adorable.

If you are the owner, you will be proud, especially if it is you, who train them just like the story of Misa Minnie.

Watch the video below of the performance of Misa Minnie a 31-week-old Yorkie puppy.

She is not just cute and adorable; she is also smart and talented.

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