What Happens When A Dog Is Abandoned – This Will Make You Cry

Watch this heart touching story that shows what happens when a dog is abandoned. Have you ever wondered what goes inside their tiny minds? See the video below and I bet you will not be able to hold your tears. It shows the story of a couple who had a dog they loved more than anything else. When the woman becomes pregnant, she becomes scared of the dog hurting her baby so they decide to get rid of the dog.

The father takes him far away one fine morning and just abandons him on an isolated road. The dog has no idea what’s going on and he believes that his Dad will come back to take him home. Everything changes for the poor dog and now he is left to fend for himself on the streets. Many people try to help him and give him a new home. However, the dog refuses help and keeps looking for his original owners.

The poor dog finds it difficult to get rid of the old memories. Everyone reminds him of his original owners and their love. At the end of the video, we can see the dog standing outside a building, hoping to meet his owners again someday. Please be kind to dogs and don’t abandon them for anything in life!

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