😍What Happens To Rescued Dogs?🐶

Most of the time, we see news about dogs getting rescued. It makes us feel warm and happy for the dog, but did you ever wonder where that dog goes after is has been rescued?

– Rescued dogs are lucky enough with the fact that they are saved from harm.
– Many people wonder, where do they go after they are rescued?
– The answers vary, but more often than not, they share some similarities too!

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Dogs that were rescued at the Bridgeville flooding, are happily rehomed to a new place that used to be for humans, and is now a habitation for canine.

Just last year, the Upper St. Clair resident successfully opened their second groom and board center for canines. This is the latest addition to the Canine Club that they already have in Bridgeville.

It wasn’t an easy process, in fact, it took them days to finish the conversion of the human house to a dog evacuation center, but at the end it was a great success indeed!

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