What Factors To Consider Before I Buy Pet Insurance

dog insurance

If you have own a pet, you should make sure it is insured. Pet insurance policies are now considered as necessities.


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That is because no pet owner could tell whether the animal would not be spared from any illness or accident in the future.

Insurance products for pets are designed and made to help owners shoulder veterinary expenses for costly hospitalizations, confinements, surgeries, and x-rays of the companion animals in the future.

It is a fact that healthcare of pets is very expensive, sometimes costlier than human healthcare.

It helps if you are sure you would not have to worry much about whether you would have enough money in case inevitable accidents and illnesses hit your pet.


However, you have to make sure your pet insurance policy is appropriate and has a broad coverage. Before you buy any insurance product for your pet, make sure you take note of the following factors first.

Consider the type of animal. It is best to invest in a pet insurance policy if you own a cat, a horse, or a dog as these animals are usually falling ill and sometimes need medical attention.


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A hamster or a gerbil may not need insurance because it is not likely to require veterinary or medical attention. Such animals are usually just confined within the cage, thus, there could be no accident.

Life expectancy is also just about three years. Pets that are exotic and are rare should take more expensive insurance policies with greater premiums.

Assess the animal’s age. Take note that there are age limits observed for pet insurance products.

In general, some insurers would not accept insurance applications for pets that are already exceeding a specific age.


If your pet is about five to 10 years old, it may not already be qualified for some ideal pet insurance products.

Many insurance products for pets cover the animals in their lifetime, while others only provide insurance for just several years.

Also check terms and conditions so you would know what adjustments are made in the premiums as your pet ages further.


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Coverage for older pets are more expensive, so it is best to buy a policy the moment you the pet is born or bought.


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