So you’ve decided to get a dog but you’re looking for one which isn’t aggressive or one you can trust. Not a bad idea, but it’s safe to say that most dogs are generally loyal to their owners once you train them. However, not all of them are immediately calm, but based on their purpose and how you treat them, they could get calm eventually. However, this is also a subject of which breed you bring home, some breeds are naturally chill, while others need some ass whooping before they get to that point, literally. However to help with your search let’s look at some of the calmest and most loyal dog breeds you’ll ever come across.


Shar Pei

This dog very loyal and equally protective of its territory, which is your territory by the way. You’re bound to have zero issues with this breed. They shower a great deal of respect to their owners and are even friendly to outsiders. Their loyalty is beyond measure once they are well trained. They love laying in the apartment but also enjoy walks in the park just for exercise. Did we mention they’re unbelievably cute, because they are. Their folds gives them a unique appearance.



Shih Tzu

As the name implies this breed was bred in China. China is synonymous for its calmness and serenity with their religious practices and somehow this breed represents that. They look very sweet and they can be bred for apartment living. If there’s another breed which takes loyalty seriously, it’s the Shih Tzu. They can be clingy and are very loving. They also love cuddles and running around with their little legs. This breed will definitely not run off on you, neither will it display any form of hostility.



Golden retriever

Our list wouldn’t be complete without the beauty that is the golden retriever. These dogs’ loyalty will definitely supersede your expectation. They are really easy to train and they’re not hostile unless triggered. You’re sure to come home to their pretty faces and they’ll protect you when the time comes. They are docile but also love playing and are usually chill. Their appearance alone is sure to warm your hearts.



Great Dane

If you like big dogs, this is one breed that is not only intelligent but it is equally really patient and protective, especially with kids. They just exude the calm aura and are loyal to a fault. Their legs are long and they can be bred as apartment or farm dogs. They are really sweet, cute and they love walks. This is one breed that is definitely the full package.


These are some of the most loyal and calmest breeds of dogs you’ll come across, so hurry, make your pick.


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