What Did Othello, The Labrador Do To Assist His Girl Best Friend?

Do you have a dog best friend? Can you identify the good things he can do for you? Most probably, you will come up with a limitless list. However, is it possible for a child to have an assistant such as a dog? As a parent, will you allow your dog to come closer to your child? You will be amazed by the story of Othello and this girl.

Othello a 2-year-old Labrador/Golden retriever is a best friend of a 10-year-old girl, Ava, who has spinal muscular atrophy. Ava is just on a wheelchair and having Othello by her side at all times is a lifesaver. Othello would get the toys for her, open the refrigerator door, and get a bottle of water; but most especially, Othello becomes her best friend.

Anya McLin said.  “She calls Othello ‘Sleeping Beauty’ when he snores in bed next to her,”

Weekends used to be difficult for Anya and her husband Randy. Ava wanted to play with them. With no family or siblings in the area, they would tag-team their time with her, not leaving time for much else.

That is not the case anymore. Othello is always right there beside Ava, giving her all his attention, as any best friend would do.

When asked if she talks to her best friend. Ava smiled shyly and said, “Sometimes.”

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