Cute and Smart Bulldog Puppy Has A Few Tricks Up His Paws

puppy buldog tricks

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Have you seen a 12 weeks old French Bulldog? Can you imagine the small and young pup go to training?

Do you think he will learn? Or, what he can do after the training? It is just great that there are puppies which are fast-learner and born intelligent.

One thing is for sure, this pup will melt your heart and bring tears of joy.😍

Watch the video below as you won’t believe it. Brody Brixton that is just a 12 weeks old French bulldog has started with his training.

This bulldog owners use positive reinforcement and Brody Brixton understands the instructions.😍

As young as he is, he knows how to sit, stay down, come, shake hands, turn around, crawl, and ring a bell. Surely, his owners are proud of him!


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Watch this puppy tricks video below



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