Our senior citizens need all the help they can get. They laid the foundation of the world and society we now live in and hence should be treated right. This help may come in form of caretakers or even care dogs. These elderly people crave companionship and hence, a dog is the ultimate companion for them. However, you will need to give them the right breed of dog. One which is more of their speed. You cannot possibly expect a 70 year old man to do the things he used to at his youth, and in the same vein, you can’t get a dog that loves being chased for the elderly. However, these dog breeds are more convenient to nurture and care for their elderly companions.




Poodles are one of the most intelligent dog breeds in existence. They are quite easy to train, they display a healthy amount of affection to their owners and they are actually low maintenance because they do not shed as much fur as other dog breeds. This dog breed comes in three distinct sizes but all have identical character traits, choose your weapon. They could be small (toy), miniature (medium) or standard and they excel in multiple kinds of households. Poodles do not require vigorous exercises and little walks are great for them. However, they will need to be groomed monthly.




Just like their name sounds, this dog breed leans towards the calm side of life. They are perfect for just staying at home and are usually found on an elderly woman’s lap, but they also love occasional walks in the park. Just like the poodle, you will need to get a professional groomer to groom this breed once a month but other than that its maintenance is pretty economical and easy as they too do not shed often. They weigh an average of 4-7 pounds and can even fit into handbags.


Shih Tzu


shih Tzu


Their dreamy eyes and gorgeous small stature, cuddly nature, gentle and affectionate self makes the Shih Tzu breed really convenient for the elderly. They are small and really easy to care for. They do have a minor trace of initial stubbornness, but this is nothing that training can’t fix. They do not bark as loud or as often and are usually quiet, making them ideal for senior citizens who thrive in silence. This breed loves daily walks at the park, which is also great for the elderly.


There are quite a number of dog breeds which are more ideal for the elderly than they are for younger dog parents and this is just a handful of them. These breeds of dogs are guaranteed to make every day special for the elderly.

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