If you’re still new to certain types of dog breeds, the Pit bull terrier is a purebred type of dog that hails from the British Isles. It looks like your average pit bull but it has certain distinguishing facts about it. This breed is built solid and is an excellent guard dog. They are fierce to strangers and really protective of their homes.  However, this dog may probably have a bad reputation already. This may be because of its hostile nature, however this piece is aimed at exposing some of the important yet endearing facts about pit bull terriers.


They are usually misunderstood



Sure the pit bull terrier has a long standing reputation for aggressiveness, but this is because of how it is bred to be. They are bred strong, fearsome and usually as guard, hunting or search dogs. Hence their attitude based on their mode of breeding is fairly expected. Not all pit bull terriers are born aggressive, some are bred aggressive. Hence the misunderstanding.


They fall under ‘pit bull’

The pit bull terrier is a breed of dogs whereas the pit bull is a type of this breed. Based on its dual syllabic name, the pit bull terrier has been classified under the pit bull family. Other dogs which fall under this umbrella were bred to compete in the fighting pits of England. They include the American bulldog, American Staffordshire terrier and others.


It’s not a recognized breed

As if the pit bull terrier isn’t going through so much already, the American Kennel Club has failed to acknowledge this breed of dogs. However it has acknowledged the American Staffordshire terrier which is after all a similar breed. Why the AKC has failed to acknowledge this troubled breed, we don’t have the answers.


They love working out

Maybe not working out verbatim, but the pit bull terrier does enjoy running in the park or playing fetch. Anything to flex and exercise their muscles is highly welcomed by this breed. They are very energetic, strong, fast and fierce. Their muscles make them very intimidating to other breeds and even humans as well.


They can be meek


Pitbull 2

It all boils down to how the pit bull terrier is bred. If bred as a loving house pet rather than a war dog, they can assume that loving role really well. This breed was however a house pet before it was put in the fighting pits and termed ‘aggressive’. In essence, with this breed your method or purpose of parenting determines its temperament and behavior.

The Pit Bull Terrier is one strong dog breed which is often misunderstood or misjudged.  With these facts, we hope you’ll go get yourself one.


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