Werewolf Prank On Huskies For Halloween! Priceless Reaction

Have you ever tried a prank on your dogs? Well, these guys did and it was just awesome! These two Huskies are one of the most adorable and popular dogs out there with lots of Instagram followers. So, their Dad decided to do a Halloween prank on them and record their reaction. Dad gets a scary werewolf mask from the store and a spray to mask his smell.

As the door opens, Sky rushes to greet Dad but finds a hairy monster instead. His reaction is absolutely priceless as he immediately senses danger. He rushes back to his momma and tried to alert his sister by barking loud. According to his Dad, Sky rarely barks at anyone. His barking clearly showed that he was deeply concerned for his family’s safety. 

The prank pulled off really well and Dad manages to get some great reaction on camera. However, I deeply feel sorry for the Huskies as Sky looked so scared. They do get some treats at the end for giving a good reaction. However, I think they both deserve a better treat. A day out at the beach, maybe? What do you say?

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