Watch Tiny Pomeranian Puppy 🐶 Grows Up


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You often hear that life is a miracle. This is the same with animals. They may not be carried for nine months in the womb of their mom, yet how they deliver their babies are still a miracle.

You won’t believe how this cute Pomeranian puppy grows so fast from birth up to 14 days. You will be amazed how the mother takes care of her baby.

It looks like a human and animal mother has the same instinct when it comes to taking care of their babies.

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You will sense their deep love and commitment just to ensure that their babies are safe and healthy. From the birth of this baby Pomeranian till the day he learns how to stand on his own is truly great.

The baby Pomeranian looks so fragile after he is born. You may not want to carry it as you may feel afraid that it will be hurt.

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