If you have made the final decision to adopt a dog becoming aĀ family member, then Bravo! We have been waiting for you to join us (yes, we mean that!😍).


You are probably looking for a great dog adoption site you can make your choice from? Not to worry, weā€™ve got you covered! these sites below has a variety of extremely adorable dogs for you to choose from.


Whether you love big, small, hairy or bald dogs, you will be exposed to so many beautiful options to choose from.


There are so many dog breeds that you might like and we know itā€™s not easy to make a choice as they are all so beautiful.


We advise that you go for a small, less confrontational dog that will adapt to you and its new surroundings very quickly. This is unless you want a dog for security purposes then we can recommend other larger and more sensitive dogs like the German Shepherd.



Happy Dog Video ➡️ Watch this Hilarious Dog 🐶 in Great Costumes



Dogs are a lot to take care of especially since this will be your first time owning one. We recommend PetĀ health insurance for the times your dog will be sick – it will save you a lot of money!


We advise you take some time to carry out the much needed research on the dog breed you want and learn how to take care of them. This will make it easier for them to adapt to your home in no time.


We located some of pet adoption agencies around the world for you to use. please note that dog adoption requires someĀ adoption fees to be paid which most of the time placed just to cover the cost treatments the dog receivedĀ while was in a shelter.Ā 


North America :Ā adoptapet.com


North America’s Largest Non-Profit Pet Adoption Website,Ā more than 17,000 animal shelters & rescues


Canada : petsmartcharities.ca


centers are in nearly every PetSmartĀ® store. Many centers have both cats and dogs available.


United Kingdom : bluecross.org.uk


Check this page for center locations