Want To Monitor Your Dog’s Health? VOYCE Understands Your Dog

Do you want a wearable band for your dog that conveniently monitors its health and wellness? Great news dog owners!

Voyce understands your dog like never before. Non-invasive and comfortable, it is worn like a collar and it will do its magic. Voyce allows you to connect with your dog and plan health activities. Keep your dog fit with Voyce. Want to know more? 

Voyce monitors key vital signs such as heart rate and respiratory rate. It is also a tool to check symptoms of possible illnesses.

It measures activities and rest patterns. It keeps your dog healthy because it measures your dog’s daily calories. What’s even more beneficial is that it records valuable information. What more can you ask for?

Information is more valuable when you can see how it changes over time. Voyce
measures your dog’s key vital signs and other wellness indicators, revealing trends and
providing you with actionable recommendations. Identifying medical conditions early
can improve your dog’s quality of life and reduce treatment costs. Voyce delivers robust,
objective data that helps veterinarians connect the dots between visits.