Saves Six Dogs And Left To Die During Florence Hurricane


This rescue video has gone viral and understandably so.

The owner apparently fled from their flooding Florence house to a more secure place and they locked their dogs inside a cage.

Ocho Uno writes in the video comments:
EVILDOERS!!!!glad the dogs are rescued 😪

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The poor dogs perhaps went through the thunderstorm shivering in cold outdoors. The owners did not return to check whether their dogs were alive or give them food.

When the volunteers came to the site after listening to dog’s howling, they saw them standing on hind legs to save themselves from drowning.

They get so upon seeing a human approach them and open the gate finally.

The poor dogs straight go to the house but finding it locked, wander outside hoping to find someone they know.

The volunteers give some food to the hungry dogs who look so stressed after the entire incident.

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It’s a shame for the owners to leave the house without the dogs, letting them die in a locked cage.

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