Vladimir, Unfortunate Stray Dog Finally Has A Home-Video

rescue vlad

Sad stories with happy endings never fail to put a smile on our face. And, if that story is of a dog then it’s absolutely priceless. Meet Vladimir who was found in a really bad shape but his rescuers did not give up on him. Despite the dog’s misfortune and all the pain, he had a cute smile on his face. His cute smile won over the rescuers and they were determined to find him a loving home.

Fortunately, the shelter gets an inquiry for adoption by a couple from Manhattan. They said that they wanted a dog who could adjust to city life and also feel comfortable in their apartment. The couple was not sure which breed would be suitable for city life so the rescuers called them to meet the dogs. After meeting a few dogs, Vladimir is introduced to them at last. The moment Vladimir enters the room, he straight runs up to the couple and starts cuddling with them, his tail constantly wagging.

It was like he knew these were his parents and instantly created a bond with them. The couple couldn’t agree more and decided to adopt Vladimir despite his medical issues. After a long wait, Vladimir finally reaches Manhattan to be with his new family. It is such an emotional moment for everyone to see the poor pup finally get home and learn how to dog.

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