Is Violence Against Animals In Turkey Increasing?

Will this latest victim of senseless violence be able to survive this attack?

-There have been several reports of unfortunate incidents like this in Turkey lately.
-Assailants usually target dogs and leave them in near death condition on the side of the road.
-Authorities have been looking for the perpetrators and have detained possible suspects.

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Another dog was found with its legs seriously injured by shotgun pellets within the Mazıdağı district of Mardin in the southeastern of Turkey. This comes as another strike of a series of attacks on stray animals that have been cropping up all over the country lately.

The 2-month-old dog was rushed to the Mardin Metropolitan Municipality Animal Rehabilitation Center. However, it needed to be airlifted to Istanbul after receiving first aid so it can get the proper medical care it needed.

Just last June, another stray dog was attacked in the Sapanca district and died after two days in the hospital. The public is now putting pressure on government officials for stronger laws to prevent such torture and treatment of these animals.

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Read the details of the event here:

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