🤯 Can K9 🐶 Units Prevent Firearm Crimes ❓

Perhaps one of the biggest scare the civilians have these days are firearm crimes, which has become common lately due to illegal possession of these deadly weapons.

– When a criminal tries to outrun the law, a lot of law enforcers will be there to stop them.
– Law enforcers have different teams within then, one of which is the K9 unit.
– How useful are these K-9 units in preventing and stopping street crimes?

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We always hear about new recruits and new members of the K-9 units, that we may wonder to ourselves, how effective are these animals in preventing and lessening the crimes in a city?

Well, for starters, they are AN ESSENTIAL part of the team. Without them, a lot of crimes would have been a dead giveaway to criminals. From their sniffing techniques to their fast-paced run, to their intimidating barks and bites.

In Saskatoon, their Police Department recently apprehended a lot of firearm-related crimes, and the team admits that majority of these operations were successful thanks to their furry teammate in the K-9 unit.

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Read the full article here – https://saskatoon.ctvnews.ca.

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