Has US Become A Dumping Ground For Unwanted Puppies??? 😢

It’s true that Americans love dogs. In fact, more than half of the entire households in US own a dog.

– With the millions of rescue dogs turning up coming from everywhere in the world, where are they finding a new home for these dogs?
– Many think that most of these dogs are being dumped to the US, and it is not a good sign at all.
– Currently, there are over 80 million dogs in the US, with 8 million more coming in yearly.

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With every dog rescue operation, there’s at least one puppy that will need a new home. Americans have a real soft spot for those puppy eyes and just one look from those poor fur balls, many would open their doors for them and welcome them to a new home.

This has become the very reason why America has seemingly become a “dumping site” for rescue dogs for the past few years. Many experts don’t see this situation as a “good thing”.

Arguments presented by dog lovers is that the rise in numbers of rescue dogs should not cause any alarm since dogs are a source of joy – not danger.

Read Sheila Goffe’s full article here – http://www.foxnews.com.

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