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An adorable picture showing 66 cute dogs “PAWsing” for the camera is going viral these days.

– If you’ve seen the photo online with the hashtag #Langley66, you’re probably wondering what’s the story behind this viral picture.
– The photo shows 66 adorable puppies along the Langley shoreline at Derby Regional Park.
– This marks the 3rd time that this group has reunited and PAWsed for a souvernir shot.

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History happened on February 4, 2016, when 66 unhealthy and nearly-dying dogs were rescued at a rural property in Langley. In the group, there were 32 adult dogs and 34 small puppies; all needing immediate medical attention when the rescuers found them.

The group composed of different breeds like Portuguese water dogs, Old English sheep dogs, standard poodles, miniature poodles, Bernese mountain dogs, and also wheaten terriers.

Currently the dogs have been rehomed and the cutest thing is, every year since they’ve been rescued, the group comes together at least once a year to celebrate their freedom from the torturous environment that they had in the hands of their abusers.

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