Two Pilots Are On A Noble Mission To Bring 🐶 Puppies Home!


We come across stories like these rarely that touch our hearts.

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Here’s is the story of two guys who are friends and they fly all over the country to save puppies and get them new homes.

It all started when they got their pilot licenses to fulfill their desire for flying. They decided to add a purpose to flying and thought of rescuing puppies from high kill shelters.

These shelters don’t have enough space or the funds to provide food and shelter to dogs. Hence, they end up euthanizing them, which is a cheaper option.

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So, these two pilots – Jon and Brad became the rescuers and they started transferring rescued dogs from the shelters in the south to loving homes in the North.

There are families in the Northern part of the country who are willing to give forever home to these dogs.

This not only saves the dogs but also creates more space in the shelters, so this is truly a noble mission.

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They now have an organization named PAART and together they have saved many animals other than dogs.

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