He Was Given Two Months To Live – His Dogs Made A Miracle …

When you are given a few months to live, you tend to reflect on your life and see your loved ones in a new light.

– A man’s life was set to end in two month’s time.
– Instead of feeling down and sad about it, he decided to turn his life around.
– The main reason for his transformation will SURPRISE YOU!

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Only very few individuals are given the power to change us. Most of the time, these are individuals whom we care for. They can make us transform into a better person, but they themselves do not necessarily have to be HUMANS.

Like this touching story of a man who transformed his life and his lifestyle all for the sake of spending more time with his beloved pet dog!

Zach Skow was told by health professionals that he only had a few weeks to live. Due to his unhealthy lifestyle, from drugs to alcohol to the lack of exercise, Skow was inevitably damaging his health even though he was just 28 years old.

Skow decided to take charge. Together with his three dogs, he decided to live a healthier lifestyle, so that he can have more time with them.

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