Two Puppies Were Trapped In A Boiling Cardboard Box


Whether we love animals or not, I think we would all agree that animal abuse is definitely unacceptable.

– Two adorable puppies were saved from a boiling cardboard box.
– The said puppies were only a few seconds away from death.
– They were fortunate enough to get rescued from the 41C sweltering box.

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Who could have done this?

Until now, upon the report, the police are still looking for the culprit of this awful dog abuse where a puppy was reportedly intentionally caged inside a box that was left to heat up to 41C.

The abandoned puppy was just at the brink of death when it was finally found by a passing by a motorist who also happened to be an animal lover. He noticed the box that was dumped by the service station bins, and immediately heard something unusual which prompted him to look for the source of the sound.

When the puppies were finally retrieved, they were thoroughly examined and it was reported that they were about to die from heatstroke, had they not been found just in time to be saved.

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