I Was Turned Down From Dog Adoption… Find Out WHY!

Is it a good idea to adopt dogs from other countries? British vets shake their head for disapproval.

– A lot of pet lovers would adopt an orphan dog with no second thoughts.
– Although the intention is admirable, but British vets does not approve this at all!
– There’s a huge risk lately about diseases getting inside the country because of adopted dogs from overseas.

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Amidst having nothing but good intentions, UK vets are urging kind-hearted pet lovers to refrain from dog adoption of imported orphan dogs from overseas, as they may harbor contagious diseases that can infect other healthy dogs from within the country.

Termed as a “Trojan” threat, coined from the popular Greek mythology where the enemy entered Troy by hiding inside a horse that posed as a gift, the vets liken the situation as such.

The diseases that these orphan dogs from overseas are proven to be deadly and British vets would not want any outbreak to come inside the country, which may affect the entire canine population and lead to a bigger problem.

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Read Lewis Pennock’s full article here about pet adoption from overseas – https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk.

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