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The carrier, United, has stopped its PetSafe program last March; but is reported to be resuming it soon.

– Previously, United had a PetSafe cargo program that allowed pets like dogs and cats.
– In March, it was suspended due to the number of pet deaths.
– United has found a way to resolve its previous issues.

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According to sources, United’s PetSafe program was abruptly stopped last March due to the increased number of pet deaths under the said program. It was both a bitter-sweet decision.

Sad because of the death, but at least the company is avoiding further number by putting an end to the program instead. There are many clients, however, who wants the program to continue as they need a legit way of transferring their pets.

So United worked hand in hand with American Humane Society to improve their system, and are reported to be back in operations for their PetSafe program by late this year.

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