This Train Barks Like A DOG… Find Out WHY!!!

This Train Barks Like A DOG... Find Out WHY!!!

There’s a train in Japan that sounds like a barking dog. If you find it weird, well that’s the whole point for the people behind this idea. Find out why!

– There has been a rise in the number of deer accidents related to training collision in the past months.
– Japan wants to create an animal-friendly environment even when the city has trains and huge buildings all over the area.
– The unusual sound was intended to scare away animals from going near the railroad when the train is approaching.

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Japan’s team of Railway Technical Research Institute has done their research and found out that the best way to lower down the deaths of animals due to railroad accidents is to simply make the incoming train create a sound that is very strong and very unusual.

Their decision? Make it sound like a barking DOG!

It may sound crazy to some, and weird to most, but this idea actually seems to work, as the number of animals (especially deer) deaths has tremendously lowered down since they implemented this.

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