😧 When Tragedy Strikes, The BEST SNIFFERS Are In Demand!

When a hydropower dam gave in, almost 31 deaths were accounted for but 130 people were reportedly missing.

– A hydropower dam in Laos gave in on July 23.
– Unfortunately, this resulted to millions of cubic meters of water being released all at once to villages nearby.
– When 130 people went missing, it was the best SNIFFERS were sent for search and rescue.

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With 30 deaths and 130 still missing, the tragedy in Laos is indeed a huge call for help. When the Laos dam gave in last July 23, it was the poor villagers in the surrounding area that suffered the wreck.

Straight from Singapore, three of their BEST SNIFFERS were deployed. For the first time in history, Singapore Police Force (SPF) K-9 unit sniffers were sent for an overseas mission.

There were a total of three sniffers shipped to help in the search and rescue operations, and indeed, it was a successful trip!

The successful recovery of the bodies of the victims of the tragedy was made possible by the imported sniffers, plus of course the 32-member Home Team contingent.

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