Who Tortured This Dog? – Poor Thing Almost Died!🐕👮

Even if reasons were given, it will never justify the morbid actions done by Randy Young toward his ex-girlfriend and the K-9 officer!

– Randy Young is now being charged with murder, after shooting his ex-girlfriend on the face.
– When the police came after Young, he made a run for it.
– Fortunately, a K-9 officer was able to catch him, but sadly the K-9 officer got badly hurt.

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Randy Young and his ex-girlfriend were in a middle of an ugly break up when the confrontation happened and Young shot her right in the face when she was about to get her personal things from their shared apartment.

The witness to the cold crime was the ex-girlfriend’s stepfather, who saw the entire scene happened since he went up to the apartment with his stepdaughter to get her things.

According to the witness, the former couple was in a heated argument prior to the shooting.

Police were immediate to respond to the call, and when the suspect tried to make a run for it, a K-9 officer went after him. Fortunately, the suspect was apprehended by the K-9 officer, but unfortunately, the said K-9 officer received 2 stabs in the head during the mission.

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Read the full report here – http://www.cbs46.com/story/38867505.

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