3 Top Couch 🥔 Potato 🐶 Dogs


Some owners love energetic dogs; dogs that can match the energy of their kids or those that can run and jog with them and be their active lifestyle partner.

Then again, there are those who prefer dogs that are more relaxed, easy going, sluggish and are basically the dog equivalent of a couch potato.

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There are several reasons for preferring this kind of dog over the more active ones. Most of them have to do with pairing up with the kind of daily routines the owner does.

These so-called lazy dog breeds are ideal for apartment living. If you are one who hates to work out, then these dog breeds hate it as much as you do.

Besides, it’s nice to go home and not be jumped at by your hyper active dog who wants to play all day.

Sometimes, when you come home from a tiring day of work, you want to be greeted by a passive dog who understands you just want that much needed peace the home brings.

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It’s a good thing that there are dog breeds who are fit for that desire. These dog breeds require less energy than most other dogs.

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