😍 Have You Met Todd (The Hero Dog)?

How lucky is this woman in Arizona who was saved from a rattlesnake bite by her Golden Retriever puppy?

-During a routine walk, Paula and her dogs encounter a rattlesnake and her puppy Todd jumped in to save his owner.
-The venom caused swelling on the dog’s face but he is safe from real danger.
-Many people admired Todd for his heroism and have shown their appreciation for him.

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Paula Godwin, a resident of Anthem, AZ was out for her usual early morning walk with her dogs when she almost stepped on a rattlesnake. Luckily, her Golden Retriever Todd was very protective and jumped right in front of her leg to stop the snake from biting his owner.

Unfortunately, the snake bit Todd in the face before it quickly slid away. Paula rushed Todd to the animal hospital so he can receive antivenom treatment. Thankfully, Paula reports that he is recovering quite well.

After posting about Todd’s heroic act on Facebook, WeRate Dogs picked up the story and everyone was amazed by Todd’s act of loyalty and bravery. People have even started a GoFundMe fundraiser in his honor to provide antivenom to other dogs who might need it.

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Read People magazine’s full article on Todd’s heroic act here: https://people.com.

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